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Ballet & Body Conditioning

It’s no secret that dance is beneficial to general health and fitness but it can also improve cognitive skills, brain density and enhance balance and coordination. Many adult students find dance to be a great way to feel creative, learn new skills, meet new people, relieve stress, have fun and feel good about themselves.

Whether you are new to dance, returning after a break or just looking for extra classes – PSB Adults has a class to suit you!


We offer two types of classes:

Our Ballet classes follow the traditional class format with barre work followed by centre work. Although much of the ballet class is a slow and controlled workout, there is also a cardio element during the “Allegro” section.

Our Body Conditioning classes combine various body techniques such as yoga, Pilates, ballet limber exercises and more to increase strength, stamina and flexibility.


We offer three levels for adults in Ballet:

Beginner Ballet: for the complete beginner who has no dance experience, or for those who want to go back to basics.


Level 1 Ballet: for the dancer who has accomplished the basics and is ready to move on.


Level 2/3 Ballet: for those who have done quite a bit of ballet and are ready for more advanced steps and combinations.


  • Comfortable stretch clothing suitable for movement

  • Ballet shoes or socks (bare feet or socks for Body Conditioning)

  • Hair tied back

What to wear:

Classes are $18 per hour. Purchase a 10 class pass for $162 to pay for 9 classes and GET ONE CLASS FREE!

Book your free trial class by calling Christine on 9203 6175 or simply come down on the day! Bookings and Payments can be made through the
StudioBookings app or website.

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