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PSB Winter School

Looking for a way to keep warm and fit during the school holidays? This July, PSB is presenting its Winter School classes for ages 5 and up. We are running ballet, PBT, contemporary, and body conditioning classes and we're open to ALL Perth dancers. Classes are running Monday 12 to Wednesday 14 July.

Classes are $18 per hour.

Intermediate and Senior Students who register for all Winter School classes will

receive a 20% discount.

Age Groups

Sub-junior: 5-7 years

Junior: 8-10 years

Intermediate: 10-12 years

Seniors: 13 years + Majors

Here is the timetable:

Register HERE. When searching for classes look under ‘Winter’ for the full range of classes.

If you have any questions, please contact as at

We look forward to seeing you this July!



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