Rory is off to dance in Canada!

Rory is off to dance in Canada!

Meet Rory, he is another of our graduating students of our 2018 Elite program. Rory came to PSB from Melbourne at the start of this year with the hope of improving his classical and contemporary technique enough to gain a place in a top finishing school. And with PSB’s training he has done just that! Rory was offered a place in Alberta Ballet Pre Professional Year along with Queensland Ballet Training Program. He has decided to take the Alberta Ballet opportunity and will be off to Canada next year. Such an incredible achievement for a hard working, talented and kind man!

We asked Rory a few questions before he set off on his next adventure.

Why do you love to dance?
I am quite introverted by nature but dance has enabled me to express myself in ways I didn’t know were possible, the ability to tell a story through nothing but movement and emotion has always amazed me, I truly feel like myself when I am performing and it is a feeling that is unmatched.

What has been the best thing about your time at PSB?
PSB has taught me many things but one thing that has stuck out to me is to be confident in yourself. Pursuing a career in the dance world will mean there will be many people who will put you down or tell you you are not good enough but it is those people who believe in themselves and never give up the fight that will succeed.

Rory, you have only been with us for such a short time, but you will be thoroughly missed. You’re an incredible young man with a big future ahead of you – dance proud! ❤️😚

Dance is the hidden language of the soul. – Martha Graham