Fees & Invoicing

Credit Card or Bank Payment

With our new Online Registration, you will be asked to provide credit card or bank details before you can register for any classes.  Please be assured that a deduction will be made from your account only after your registration has been reviewed and accepted (within 1 week of your registration).  Your credit card or bank details will be kept securely within the system.

Before the start of each term you will receive an email giving you notice as to when your term payment will be deducted from your account.

Please note:  fee amounts shown on the class list does not include GST.  GST will be added to the total once you complete your enrolment.

You will be charged a transaction fee when your card is charged – Visa/MasterCard Transaction: $0.66 plus 2.20%, Bank Transaction: $0.88.

Please ring or email Christine during office hours with any queries regarding invoicing.

Discounts & Fee Cap

Families with 3 or more children will receive a 50% discount from the 3rd child onwards. The discount will be given to the child(ren) with the lowest fees.

In order to encourage our students to take as many classes as they wish, we have established a fee cap of $125 per week for students doing up to 9 hours/week and $150 per week for students doing more than 9 hours/week. We estimate that the fee cap takes effect once a student is attending more than 6.5 hours/week. The fee cap does not include the specialty courses : Part-time & Full-time programs. It also does not include private lessons or adult classes.

Adult Classes

For adult classes attendees may pay for 10 sessions at a time or by the class. Bookings and Payments can be made through the StudioBookings app.  Download the app from the Apple App store or get it on Google Play. Using StudioBookings is free – all you need to do is search for our studio and then register.

Payment for classes is $18 per hour or you can purchase a 10 class pass for $162 to pay for 9 classes and GET ONE CLASS FREE!

If your prefer, you can book via our website.

If you experience any issues with the app or booking online, please email Tammy at

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