Annual Concert

During Term 3 we will commence work on this year’s Annual Concert. Please continue to check back for more important information regarding this exciting event.

The concert is a very important part of our dancing year, with students gaining many great benefits. All students except Creative Movement & Adult students are invited to participate.

The concert is a huge undertaking for teachers, students and parents and requires a big commitment from all involved, especially as time and cost beyond normal classes is required. We would appreciate if you would read the following before committing your child to participate.

You’ll find that ‘concert time’ is a very exciting time for our students. It is the highlight of the year and the children love the experience of performing before a live audience.

Each year we find that the extra effort and commitment are well worth it for the students and we are certain that your child will love the experience.

Each year we hold 2 concerts: A Junior Concert and a Senior Concert. Both concerts are held on the same weekend and are held at the Newman College Marist Auditorium, Churchlands.

Junior Concert Performance 2020

Saturday, 5 December (Matinee)

Senior Concert Performance 2020

Friday, 4 December (Evening)

Saturday, 5 December (Evening)



Junior Concert 2020

Kindy, Pre-Primary, Primary and Grade 1 Dance students will perform one dance which will have both a ballet and a modern dance component. However, Grade 1 students who do two classes per week will perform two dances (these students will require 2 costumes).

Rehearsals and Performance:

Theatre Dress Rehearsal – Saturday, 5 December from 10.30am to approximately 12.00pm

Performance – Saturday, 5 December from 1.00pm to approximately 2.15pm



Senior Concert 2020

All students will be performing in both the Friday and Saturday evening concert.  The concert is performed in 3 acts. If your child is in more than one dance, they may need to appear in more than one act.

For several weeks prior to the concert, we schedule Sunday rehearsals for each act. These rehearsals are critical as it is the only time we can work on the entire act with all the dancers.  

Theatre rehearsals begin on the Monday prior to the performances.  All Sunday rehearsals, theatre rehearsals and performances are compulsory.

Sunday Rehearsals:

ACT ONE – 1 November

ACT TWO – 8 November

ACT THREE – 15 November


Theatre Dress Rehearsals:

ALL ACTS – Monday, 30 November

ALL ACTS – Wednesday, 2 December


Friday, 4 December (Evening)

Saturday, 5 December (Evening)

All “Sunday Rehearsals”  are held at our studios.
“Theatre Dress Rehearsals” and  “Performances” are held at Marist Auditorium.

Please note: Rehearsals and performances are subject to change. 


Concert Choreography

Typically a dance is choreographed for each class and is done during class time. This process usually begins partway through Term 3. It is sometimes required to change a few class times at this point due to some classes being combined for one dance. We will let you know of any changes to our timetable early in Term 3 so that you have ample time to reorganise if required.


Dance is the hidden language of the soul. – Martha Graham