COVID-19 Message – March 19

COVID-19 Message – March 19

An important message from The Perth School of Ballet.

As we continue to monitor the escalation of COVID-19 virus, we wanted to touch base again with a further update.

Firstly, we continue to remain open and will do so until we are advised to do otherwise from government officials.  Until such time, we have put in place the following practices to keep our staff and students safe:

  1. We have removed all cloth hand towels from bathrooms.  When we are able to source paper hand towels, we will use these.  Otherwise, we ask that everyone washes their hands very well with soap and shake their hands dry.
  2. All teachers and students are to sanitise their hands before and after each class.
  3. We will be finishing each class 5 minutes early to ensure a thorough clean of all barres, equipment and door handles.
  4. In order to avoid an abundance of people in the foyer we will implement the following:
    • Students are to bring their belongings into the studio during their class (we will not be using changerooms).
    • Students are to stay seated in class until the teacher escorts them out – after students from next class have entered and are standing in another part of the classroom.
    • We ask that families are punctual in picking up students so that there are minimal people in the foyer.  Please leave as soon as your child is returned to the foyer.
    • Students who are waiting for another class will do so in the foyer.
  5. If your child is unwell for any reason (not just with flu-like symptoms), please keep your child home until symptoms have completely cleared.  If a child presents at class with any symptoms, they will be escorted to the foyer and you will be asked to immediately collect your child.

As more information is revealed over the next few days, we will have a clearer idea of our approach to the next month of operations.  We all love our beautiful world of dance and education and we will be continuing our operations as per normal with the appropriate measures in place. We will endeavour to communicate transparently with you all.

Thanks for your patience, co-operation and sense of community throughout these unprecedented times!

Dance is the hidden language of the soul. – Martha Graham