Teen Ballet

Teen Ballet has been designed with two types of students in mind.

The class is ideal for students who have started ballet at a later stage and therefore have missed some of the foundation work taught at the primary level. This foundation is critical to the steps they are now attempting. Learning the foundation work will greatly help these students as they progress through their grade syllabus.

Teen Ballet is also beneficial for students who would like to increase the amount of ballet classes they are doing, however they cannot attend the class times currently offered on the timetable for their grade.

Teen Ballet are not a set “Grade” syllabus – rather the classes are set by the teacher and can therefore be tailored to the specific needs of students attending the class, following the traditional ballet class format with barre exercises to warm up, stretch and strengthen the body, leading into centre exercises incorporating arm and foot movements, turns, small jumps and leaps.

No exams are offered until students transition to a Grade Level class at the teacher’s discretion.  However, students may perform in the annual concert.

Class Levels

Ages 13 years and above
Dance is the hidden language of the soul. – Martha Graham