As an extension to the Cecchetti Ballet classes, students can begin Pre-Pointe work at Grade 4.

The Pre-Pointe classes use exercises to strengthen and stretch the muscles that are used specifically in pointe work.

Students progress onto Junior Pointe and Senior Pointe classes on an individual basis when their teacher deems their body is ready.  This is dependent upon many factors including growth, strength, flexibility and postural control.

By the time the dancers reach Intermediate Ballet, they will need to demonstrate pointe work in their ballet exams and along with developing the necessary technique, Junior and Senior Pointe classes teach the syllabus work for grades Intermediate to Advanced 2.

 Class Levels

Pre-Pointe Grades 4 and 5 Ballet
Junior Pointe Grade 6 Ballet
Intermediate Pointe Grade 6 and Intermediate Ballet
Senior Pointe Intermediate Ballet and up
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